Panthers ready for return to Bangor

Published: Dec. 27, 2019 at 9:57 PM EST
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The CAHS Panthers boys basketball team is focused on another appearance in Bangor. Last year the Panthers went in as the Number one seed in Class C and were eliminated in the quarterfinals by Sumner. The Panthers return four starters from that team and they have set a goal of not letting that happen again.

(Ethan Pryor):" When we get toward the end of the season that will be a big motivation to make it past the first round and be a big team in the playoffs."

(Braydon Bradbury):" Everybody has put in a lot of work in the off season. We made it a thing that we weren't going to let it carry over to other sports. It made us successful so hopefully we can keep that train rolling into basketball season."

(Jason Woodworth):" I think it give them focus in every sport. They didn't want that to happen again in baseball or soccer and it fuel going forward."

After tasting defeat in the quarterfinals last February the Panthers focused on the job at hand and won the Northern Regional Baseball Championship and won the State Class D soccer title. Woodworth says this group of players has a special bond.

Woodworth:" I think the cohesiveness. They have had great success in everything they have done and they get along with each other. They know what each other is thinking and where they are going to be. That is a good sign for a team no matter what sport it is."

The Panthers moved up to Class C three years ago and the players are adapting to a more physical style of ball

Bradbury:" I would say our intensity and we will play at a much higher lever. When we moved up to Class C my sophomore year that was a big jump and I feel we are finally starting to get into the swing of things and adapting to a higher level of play."

The Panthers schedule is a difficult one, but the majority of their opponents in Class D teams.

Woodworth:"Class C is very physical and we play a predominately Class D schedule. These kids do a lot of work on their own hitting the weight room. We try to go a little bit of it here and there and hopefully it will get us as prepared as we can be."

Bradbury:" Our defense has stiffened up a lot. On offense have learned how to finish through contact and learned to play up to the level of talent that we are playing against."

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