Panthers show their speed on the court

Published: Feb. 11, 2020 at 10:14 AM EST
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A grown panther can run about 50 miles per hour for a short period of time. The Central Aroostook Lady Panthers fastbreak is so might actually confuse them with the real thing. Daveson Perez caught up with the team as they gear up for the upcoming tournament in Bangor.

If one looks at the class C standings one might assume the Central Aroostook Lady Panthers have had an easy season.

(Dillon Kingsbury):"I think overall we're in a good position. We've had some good wins, some tight loses but I think as of right now we're in a good position."

The Panthers currently hold a 14-4 record, are in 7th place, and playoff bound

The wins are great to see but it's the tight loses that have kept this group sharp throughout the season.

(Kingsbury): "It's good to play tight games win lose of draw. It's hard to prep yourself for tournament if it's a win or a bad loss but a tight game you have to execute late in the fourth quarter, free throws, rebounds...Those are the things that will prepare you come February."

One of the qualities propelling this team forward in the win column has been their athleticism.

(Breann Bradbury): "We're quick. We get up and down the floor a lot and try to the push the tempo."

(Sydney Garrison): It's definitely really helpful. It's allowed us to get the score up really fast and get a lot of points and get the lead real quick so it's really helpful."

After a long and grueling basketball season...the Lady Panthers are still pumped up to hit the court in Bangor.

(Garrison): I think we're really excited to take a trip to Bangor. We really want to play on that court and we've been wanting this for so long and so to get another chance to get state champ would be amazing and we're looking forward to that."

(Bradbury): " We're really excited. We love tournament time. Worked really hard to get here and we can't wait."

Coach Kingsbury just wants his girls to do one thing come tournament time.

(Kingsbury): " Just to compete. Want to go down there and compete with whoever we play. If we compete and scratch and claw and scrape and at the end of the day the other team is better than us I can live with that."

The speed and athleticism of this team will certainly be a factor in the tournament.

Whoever faces the Panthers in the playoffs will be facing a scrappy bunch, that hustles on both ends of the floor.

Daveson Perez News Source Sports.

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