Panthers teams are undefeated

The Final soccer standings will not be released until tomorrow. There are a hand ful of games being played in the Central part of the State today and that means the Maine Principals Association will release the official standings sometime tomorrow and then tomorrow at 6 we will let you know what County teams will be taking part in the post season and also give you the preliminary playoff round match ups and starting times for County games. The Preliminary playoffs are set for Friday and Saturday and the Quarterfinals will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday.
There are just two undefeated soccer teams in the County and both are from Mars Hill. The CAHS boys ended at a perfect 14-0 and the girls ended at 13-0-1. Both teams will be the top seed in Class D.
(Wallace Endy):" I have mixed feeling about that because of course if you are undefeated everybody is out to beat you and you have to really step your game up. Other than that it is a great feeling to be undefeated."

(Joe Levesque):" It is really a testament to them where they are in their athletic ability. Where they go from there is up to them . I am here guiding the ship and doing very little as far as what we do on a day to day basis. It is them at the end of the day."

The Boys have been a scoring machine this year and also have registered 10 shutouts Last year the Panthers finished second on the regular season and lost to Bangor Christian in the Championship game

Endy:" I had a good feeling we could repeat it and I did want to go undefeated so we could host everything as long as we keep winning."

The girls registered 7 shutouts on the year, they have just one senior on the team and they are looking forward to have the path to a Regional Championship go through Mars Hill.

Levesque:" Take care of business at home. It is going to be interesting because we have never been in this position before."

Both Coaches are also stressing to their teams that it is now one and done from this point forward.

Levesque:" I tell them all the time that our work is not just beginning. You have to truly believe that in order to filter out all the static so to speak. They have to just focus on their game and keep trudging forward."

Endy:" Celebrate your undefeated season, but put it aside and let's continue to play soccer. Wipe the slate clean and start over you have to win four games.