Parise Rossignol excited to return to Bears

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After taking a year off Van Buren's Parise Rossignol is excited to be back with the University of Maine women's basketball team. Rossignol made the decision before heading home for the summer and she is excited for the opportunity

Rossignol:"I am just so excited being a year away from it was weird. I played my whole life and not playing that year was hard. Getting this opportunity again is so amazing and i am so excited to be back working with the coaches."

The Van Buren native and member of the High School 2000 point club says she has been working very hard on conditioning this summer

Rossignol:" I lift weights four days a week. I try to do hard conditioning about three days a week. This summer I made it a point to push myself past what I think I am capable of. I think that is what I have done different than any other year is just going past my comfort zone. i really hope it will pay off."

Rossignol also attended an Athletes in Action camp in Boston where she got the chance to work out with athletes from other programs.She spent two years with the Bears before deciding to take last year off. She says that she is not to worried about being rusty.

Rossignol:" I stayed playing. I couldn't stay away I played like four times a week. I am not to worried about it, It will take some getting back into it. I am excited for it and think i am ready for it."

Rossignol cut her summer vacation short and is back on campus for a summer session working on conditioning with the incoming group of players

Rossignol:" I will get to work out with the Coaches. We get two hours a week on the court and we have some strength and conditioning camp. Being able to work together and being able to bond. It will be a great experience so i am excited."