Pedal power on the golf course

Golfers love a day on the links Whether it is walking or riding in a golf cart it's a chance to get outside and enjoy a beautiful day. There is one golfer who has a unique way to get from one golf shot to another.

This is Dave Nadeau enjoying a day on the course. The first year golfer has been able to mix two of his passions biking and golfing into a day on the course.

Dave Nadeau:" I saw some things on the internet in regards to fat bikes and golfing and I thought I am going to look into that."

Nadeau approached Limestone Country Club and asked if they would allow him to use his fat bike on the course.

Nadeau:" They have been open minded about it and I haven't heard them express any concerns since I have been doing it. I have been out here seven or eight times with the bike so I think they know I am not doing any damage to the course."

Nadeau is a first year golfer who has caught the bug

Nadeau:" I think I am hooked on golf with or without the bike. Don't critique my golf game.

Nadeau says that he gets double takes from other golfers.

Nadeau:" People always take a second look and I can't help but wonder what they are thinking. Being the first one to do it in Aroostook County is pleasing."

He says when he golfs with his wife they walk the course, when he is alone he will pedal around the course. Not every shot is perfect, but he is having a great time

Nadeau:" That is a pretty good out of there Dave. I am satisfied when it goes that far and straight.

He says that the bike has wide tires and he has not noticed any damage to the course. He observes golf etiquette keeping his mode of transportation off the apron of the greens.

Nadeau:" I think these tires are fat enough. They have low air pressure so it's not doing any damage that I can see."

He says that it wasn't that difficult to get his pull cart strapped to the bike

Nadeau:" Kick stand was pretty important because if you had to lay the bike down and lean it up against a tree it would be inconvenient and would tip over if you had to lay it down. The golf cart would tip over. That and a rear rack to strap it to. "

The question of the day does he think this will catch on.

Nadeau:" I hope so because I hate to be the only one out here doing it."