Perfect day to race on the Loring Runway

Published: Jul. 11, 2019 at 6:07 PM EDT
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It's been a full day of racing on the Loring runway as organizers prepare for a possible rain out tomorrow.

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(Joe Daly):"There is a forecast for rain tomorrow so we are going to run with no breaks and will run as late as anyone is willing to run tonight."

This is Bob Keseloswki taking off from the starting area. He ended up going almost 250 miles an hour

(Bob Keselowski):" I did 252 here last year, but I made some changes and didn't know if they were going in the right direction, but apparently they weren't. That is ok you got to try stuff if it is going to work. Some will and some won't."

Keselowski is still looking to break his record of 252 miles an hour on the runway.

Keselowski:" Hoping to do 255 and that is not unrealistic. The thing might do it yet. I have some ideas on what to change."

Jesse Michaud of Caribou is close to his goal. He turned in a speed of 149 plus miles an hour in this 56 Chevy. He said that not only did the car from the junkyard, so did the motor.

(Jesse Michaud):" It is actually a junk yard motor. It has 130 thousand miles a truck motor. "

Michaud says that the car is getting dialed in and with the right conditions he can reach his goal of 150.

Michaud:" Car goes really good. I am hoping we can that other four tenths of a mile an hour with some cooler temperatures."

Daly says that the conditions today were close to perfect and the numbers of runs on the track proves it

Daly:" These are some of the best conditions we have ever experienced here. We have a 12 mile an hour tail wind and the track surface is perfect."

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