Pete Webb in his 27th year as Basketball Commissioner

Pete Webb is a name that is very familiar to people involved in High School Basketball in the State of Maine. Webb, a Houlton native, is finishing up his 9th term as Maine's Basketball Commissioner. For the past 26 years he has been the overseer of the game.

Pete Webb;" I am proud of my County heritage that is where the beginnings came from and also our State of Maine. I wish we could take hundreds with us to see that we may not be the biggest, we may not have the best players, but the way it has been organized by the MPA through the Basketball Commission deserves an awful lot of credit"

Webb and his assistants are very familiar faces at Tournament games. Before the season starts Webb meets with Officiating boards each and every year and also holds meeting with coaches about the rules and points of emphasis for the year. He has been involved in officiating for almost 60 years.

Webb:" This is my 57th year. I think it is my 49th year as being a local lead trainer. It started here in Aroostook County .We call them Rules Interpreters, but they really trainers and supervisors of officials in the area."

This is 27th year as Commissioner and prior to that he was the Assistant Commissioner to Mike DiRenzo. Webb has also been a member of the National Board on several different occasions. His duties have taken him all over the world.

Webb:" Being exposed at the National level. Several other States Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia Florida and several other States. I think it adds up to 27 States. Invite you to go to post season to observe their State Tournaments and provide feedback. It has also taken me
other provinces and to Germany and Italy. All through what started in Houlton and then to Ashland and Caribou. It was a tremendous start and a lot of people to thank along the way."