Pioneers' New Home: Wisdom Softball Players Join Madawaska

MADAWASKA, Me. (WAGM) - Sports bring people together. Whether it's 500-thousand people at the Daytona 500 or two communities collaborating to let a group of girls continue to play a sport they love.

"We were all scared that we weren't going to have a team," Wisdom sophomore Emma Chamberland said. "I was kind of feeling sad, I like playing softball, so it was kind of sad that we wouldn't have our own team, but at least we could join a different team."

That different team is Madawaska. Wisdom called up the MPA, got the green light, and the Owls agreed to let the 4 Pioneers join the squad. An opportunity head coach Matt Rossignol is happy to provide.

"Having Wisdom be part of our team obviously for them it's a good thing," Rossignol said. "We feel actually blessed to give them that opportunity and I gotta believe that it's also going to help our team."

The Owls were a playoff team last year but lost four of their top five hitters to graduation or players not deciding to play. Those five also played key positions in the field like shortstop and first base. Just so happens, the Pioneers turned Owls, can potentially fill those voids.

"They did make an impression on me last year, so certainly was not disappointed when they decided to allow the Wisdom players to come here," Rossignol said. "We're hoping those Wisdom kids are number one going to enjoy the experience and I know that the Madawaska girls are going to make them feel welcome and a part of the team because that's what they are."

Two of the four players for Wisdom are seniors, if it weren't for Madawaska agreeing to the collective their careers would be over. Madawaska Senior Cassidy Beaulieu is happy that the girls can extend their careers with the Owls.

"We welcome them in with like open arms and we need the extra girls we had some freshman come up," Beaulieu said. "But having girls who have already played on like a set team who've had starting positions and all that coming in is very beneficial for us."

Junior pitcher Riley Lausier echoes her teammate and encourages the Wisdom girls to enjoy the experience.

"Just to have fun with it, I feel like they are going to be trying new positions just try your best," Lausier said. "We did have a lot of open positions so I feel like they're going to benefit our team a lot."

Opening day for the new collective is schedule for April 26th against Washburn.