Portage Hills celebrates 50 years

Portage Hills Country Club is celebrating it's 50th anniversary this weekend. Rene Cloukey has the story of a course in a small community still giving people a chance to play golf.

Portage Hills Country Club is a beautiful nine hole course in Portage Lake. The course opened back in 1968

(Dylan Cyr Cormier):" This was a potato field and through the 50 years it has developed into the beautiful rolling hills it is now."

Portage Hills has always relied on community support and volunteers.

Cyr Cormier:" We rely hard on the membership and volunteers we wouldn't make it without the community."

The Club President says that they have great community support and even after 50 years some people don't realize it is a course for anyone to play

Cyr Cormier:" It is kind of hard to get the old mindsets out of the townspeople that we are a private course because most golf courses were for the privileged people and that kind of deal.
We are public and advertise as public."

Cyr Cormier says they are also trying to market the course as a tourism stop

Cyr Cormier:" We are working pretty close with Portage Lakeside cabins to try and offer some stay and play packages. Just to try and get the tourist out and about."

Like most clubs young members are the ones who will lead into the future.

Cyr Cormier:" The kids are the future of this game. It is important we get them involved. The past two years we have offered a kids program. I think this year we are right around 22."

Graham Berry took up the game last year.

(Graham Berry):" Golf is important to me because I feel golf is a good sport that will help you grow on may personal levels. You can learn respect from golf patience from golf. It is a very good sport to grow as an individual. Team sports teach you how to work well as a team and this is a sport that will teach you to perform well as your own person.

Cyr Cormier:" Looking forward to the future. Cheers to another 50 years.

There will be an open house at the course tomorrow with free golf and then music tomorrow night. 50 years and members are hoping for many more. Reporting from Portage Lake I am Rene Cloukey NewsSource Sports.