Presque Isle Nordic ski team is very young.

The Presque Isle ski team is made up of freshmen and sophomores and many of the team members are new to sport. First year coach Nicole Ward says the team is improving every time they put the skis on
(Nicole Ward):" It has been a lot of improvement this year. A lot of new skiers learning the basics. Working on good technique and seeing them improve and seeing how well they are doing halfway through the season."

(Amanda Winslow):" We have a lot of new skiers this year and everyone is improving. Not everyone is going to be good the first time they step on skis so they will continue to improve.

(Maddie Jackson):" At first a lot of our skiers didn't know how to ski and they getting better now."
It has been a frustrating year for skiers because several practices and meets have been affected by the weather

Jackson:" You skip a few practices and you are not as prepared for the race."

Since the beginning of the year the Wildcats have been working on the fundamentals and it is paying off. They are looking forward to the state meet next month.

Ward:" Ready for states we have a really young team and just seeing how they improve and see how they stack up against those teams from down south."

Winslow:" We are really excited to see what our team can do as we get closer to the states. I can see they can really improve based on how much they have improved already."