Presque Isle Recreation Department looking for a busy summer

Summer recreation programs will begin in the next couple of weeks. Recreation departments are taking registrations for summer programs now. Andrew Perry is the new Presque Isle Program Director. Perry took over the job just a few months ago and this is a very busy time for him and the Department

Perry:" So far they have been incredible. Beyond expectations at this point. We are in a big undertaking right now getting prepped for some summer programming. There are around 13 programs happening at the same time."

Deadline for registering for the summer programs is Friday and Perry is expecting it to be a very busy couple of days. He says most of the programs are the same in the past, but there have been some modifications

Perry:" We switched up the survival style activities. The survival is now separate. If you want to do kayaking, but you don't necessarily want to play disc golf or do the mountain biking you can choose. In the past it has been one complete program."

Perry is working very closely with Recreation Director Chris Beaulieu on making sure that things run smoothly this summer. The new program director is looking forward to what he feels is an exciting time

Perry:" Very excited things that are happening within the Recreation and Parks Department . This new building is incredible. We are really blessed to have this facility. It is a testament to Mr. Haskell and what he had done for recreation in the State. The renovations they are doing across from here at Bishop's Island baseball field, The splash pad and new playground going in. Just super excited to be a part of it."