Q & A with Jackie Bradley Jr. part 1

Published: Mar. 27, 2020 at 6:51 PM EDT
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With the baseball season up in the air fans are anxiously waiting for the baseball season to begin. Jackie Bradley Jr, centerfielder for the Boston Red Sox talked with Daveson Perez for about 7 minutes yesterday to offer his perspective on the season being pushed back, the Red Sox being counted out this season and much more. He is part one of the interview.

Daveson: "Jackie thanks for joining me. Appreciate you helping me out today."

Jackie: "Anytime. Anytime you know that. Thanks, D."

Daveson: "First and foremost how's your family doing? Everybody good. Everbody safe?

Jackie: "Everybody's great. Wife, daughter.Healthy. Pretty much all I can ask for and that's good everybody's good."

Daveson: " So as we know today would've been Opening Day.It's a sad day but we obviously know why it's going on. We know why there's no baseball being played. How badly though do you want to be playing baseball right now?"

Jackie: " Not as badly as I want people to protect themselves. I feel like right now the most important thing...obviously we want to be playing baseball the fans want us to be playing baseball but let's take care of the things we need to take care of first so that way everybody can enjoy themselves. Wether it's young, old, middle age. We need everybidy healthy and we're going to need everybody to do this together to flatten this curve and that way we can resume our normal daily lives.The way it should be without viruses and people having to worry about certain sicknesses.

Daveson: "Yea definitely. Everyone needs to do what they need to to get back to life as normal."

Jackie: "Yea that's the gameplan."

Daveson: "A lot of people have you guys going in as underdogs this season. We were there in 2018 when the Red Sox won the World Series and that was only two years ago. Do you believe you guys are going in as underdogs?

Jackie: "I don't understand what's so called a negative about being an underdog. I don't really see a negative in it. When you're out there competing one team is the underdog and one team is the favorite that's how it goes.But, one team is going to win. At the end of the day you still have to go out there and play the game and see what happens. But we're fine with being underdogs. Like I said we have to go out ther and compete and execute. Let that be the main focus and kind of let the cards fall where they may at the end of the year."

Daveson: "Now you can tell everybody that but I know you. I personally know you and I know the term underdog while it's good I know you don't think of yourself as one. You're a very confident individual. I know you're using this as sort of motivation to go out there and execute."

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