Red Claws work with youngsters in the County

It is still the middle of summer, but over 40 youngsters were working on their basketball skills today in Houlton. The Dunkin Donuts Maine Red Claws basketball clinic featured members of the Red Claws team working with the players on their skills. Sherwood Brown made his second trip to the Shiretown he was there back in 2015.
Sherwood Brown:" Watching the youth as they have grown from the year before. It puts a big smile on my face to see how they have matured and become better basketball players."

Over 40 youngsters from throughout the County made the trip to Shiretown for the Clinic. Brown and other members of the team are traveling the State this week working with youngsters

Brown:" Maine has been so good to me. For me to have the chance to give back a little bit of what I know means so much to me."

Dribbling, passing, shooting working on defense. These were all fundamentals that the Red Claws players were passing onto the youngsters

Brown:" We are going to give them some of the basics. Teach them a little bit about stretching and cooling down as well. We just want to give them that love of the game that we share."

The Red Claws understand the importance of working with next generation of players.

Brown:" For them to want to come to the camp by themselves. For us to bridge that little gap to make the love the game that much more."