Rene's Quick Picks December 15th

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It's time for the NFL Quick Picks. Last Week Fireman Fred Parsons had a great week In the on air picks he had five right and I had four correct. In the overall picks he ended with 11 right I had 9. This week in honor of the debut of Star Wars The Last Jedi I have Yoda Speak Extraordinaire Mark Faulkingham from Houlton as my opponent. Faulkingham says he was the second choice behind Alex Cora for the Red Sox Managing job. He is a huge sports fan who loves the Oakland Raiders which means he cheers against the New England Patriots.
We will start right with that game
I am taking the Patriots to bounce back and stop the Steelers and Mark is picking Pittsburgh
We both think that Oakland will stop Dallas
I am taking the La Rams and Mark is picking Seattle
We both think that Carolina will stop Green Bay and that Minnesota will stop the Cincinnati Bengals
I am taking Kansas City in the Saturday game and Mark is picking the LA Chargers
I am taking Tennessee and Mark is picking San Francisco
In the Monday night matchup we are both taking Atlanta to stop Tampa Bay.
All the picks are posted to my Rene Cloukey WAGM TV Professional Facebook page.
Enjoy the action