Rene's Quick Picks December 8th

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It's time for the NFL Quick Picks. Lloyd Soucie picked up a very easy win last week. He picked with 6 right on air and 11 correct in the total picks. I struggled with just 5 right on air and 8 right in the top picks. This week Fireman Fred Parsons messaged me a challenge. I am sure I will see Fireman Fred at many games this year. He took time from his work as a paramedic, a singer and a radio Disc jockey and many other duties to pick against me.

We both think that New England will stop Miami in the Monday night game.
We both think that Dallas will stop the NY Giants and that Buffalo will stop Indianapolis
I am taking the NY Jets and Fireman Fred is picking the Broncos
I am taking Oakland and Parsons thinks that Kansas City will bounce back with a win
We both think that Cincinnati will stop Chicago
Fred is taking the LA Rams and I am picking Philadelphia
We both think that PIttsburgh will stop Baltimore in the Sunday night game.