Rene's Quick Picks Featuring Matt - Week 12

PRESQUE ISLE, Me. (WAGM) - It's my time to shine. Rene entrusted me with taking care of business for this week's quick picks against Portage's Ronnie Boutot. Ronnie's a former classmate of Rene's so I suppose it's only fitting that I take him to school with my picks.

Alright let's get it. Ronnie starting out strong picking the Bills, ha, SIKE, how can you pick the Bills. Jacksonville wins that one. Following the Buffalo pick, he has the Raiders, the tanking Raiders mind you, give me Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. This is going to be a good one in Carolina, Ronnie is going with the Seahawks, I got the Panthers holding serve at home. We both have New England against the Jets because duh. Up next, I think the Colts are going to stomp the fish in Indy, Ronnie is feeling the Ryan Tannehill flow. I've got the Steelers breaking their six game win streak and losing to the Broncos, Ronnie has the Steelers. Ronnie is all about the purple people eaters winning at home against the Packers. I'm hoping Aaron Rodgers says not so fast my friend. Marcus Mariota is expected to start Monday night, but regardless, we both have the Texans taking down the Titans. Best of luck Ronnie, but I'm pretty sure I got this in the bag. Enjoy the action.