Rene's Quick Picks November 17th

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It's time for the NFL Quck Picks. Last Week Isaac Luken filled in for me and picked up a one game win over Robert Holmes who is the scoreboard operator at most CAHS games. Isaac will brag about that the next time he sees Robert. This week Barrett Potter of Houlton is my opponent. He is the former Athletic Director at Greater Houlton Christian Academy and is now a Senior Accountant at MMG. He is a huge sports fan and loves golfing. I did a story on Barrett and his group when they took part in the longest day of golf back in 1985. Potter is also a big supporter of the Charity Challenge golf tournament. He has made a golf memorabilia donation for an auction for the past few years.

We both think that New England will picks up the win over Oakland
I am taking Detroit and Barrett is picking Chicago
We both think that Kansas City will stop the Giants and that Minnesota will pick up the win over the LA Rams
I am taking Cincinnati and Barrett is picking Denver
We both think that New Orleans will stop Washington and that Philadelphia will win the Sunday matchup over Dallas
In the Monday night game I am picking Atlanta and Barrett is taking Seattle.
All the picks are posted to my Rene Cloukey WAGM TV professional Facebook page. Enjoy all the action