Rene's Quick Picks November 1st

t's time for the Quick Picks. Last week Mark Rossignol of County Physical Therapy ended a four year losing streak and picked up a 12-11 win over me in the complete list of picks. This week a person who has chomping at the bit to pick against me. Matt Blackford of Houlton is my opponent. Matt is the Youth Pastor at Houlton Wesleyan Church and a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan. He says Cowboys all the way. I won't remind him that the New York Jets have just one win on the year and who did they beat ,, wait let me think. It was the Dallas Cowboys.
Matt endears himself to New England fans with his first pick.
[ He is taking the Baltimore Ravens to stop the Patriots. I am picking the Patriots.
I would love to disagree with him on the Dallas and Giants game, but I can't we are both taking the Cowboys
I am taking Jacksonville to stop the Texans and Matt is picking the Texans.
We both think that Indianapolis will stop Pittsburgh and that the Jets will defeat Miami
I am taking Minnesota and Matt is taking Kansas City
I am taking Denver and Matt is picking the Browns.
The complete list of picks is posted to my Rene Cloukey Professional Facebook page. If you would like to pick against me send me a message. Enjoy all the Action.