Rene's Quick Picks November 3rd

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t's time for the NFL quick picks. Each Week a different person picks against me in selected games. Last Week Longtime educator and coach Larry Hallowell was my opponent. I picked up the victory ending with 7 of eight right and Larry had six right in the on air picks and i ended with 11 right in the complete picks and Larry had nine correct. This week Darren Woods the Director of the Aroostook Emergency Management Agency and North Lakes Fire Chief catches his breath for a few minutes and picks against me.

We both think that the LA Rams will stop the Giants.
I am taking Tennessee and Darren is picking Baltimore
We both think that Philadephia will stop Denver and that Arizona will pick up the win over the Niners
i am taking Carolina and Darren is picking Atlanta
We both think that Jacksonville will stop Cincinnati
I am taking Seattle and Darren is picking Washington
In the Monday night game We both think that Green Bay will stop Detroit
The complete list of picks is posted to my professional Facebook page Rene Cloukey WAGM TV. Enjoy all the action.