Rene's Quick Picks October 20th

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It's time for the NFL Quick Picks. Each week a different person picks against me in selected game. Last week Mark Rossignol of County Physical Therapy was my opponent.
I picked up the slim victory. In the on air picks I had 4 riight and Mark had three correct and in the overall picks on Rene Cloukey WAGM TV professional facebook page I had 6 right and Mark had 5 correct.
This week a very familiar name in the Fort Kent is my opponent. James Harvey who runs the clock at many UMFK events and attends sporting event at both the High School and at UMFK is my opponent. Harvey is a diehard New England sports fan following all of the New England teams faithfully.

We both think that New England will pick up a win over Atlanta
i am taking Buffalo and James is picking Tampa Bay
We both think the Dolphins will stop the Jets and Seattle will defeat the Giants
i am taking Green Bay and James is picking New Orleans
I am taking Denver and James is picking the LA Chargers
We both think that Pittsburgh will stop Cincinnati
and in the Monday night game Philadelphia will pick up the win over Washington

The complete list of picks is posted to my professional facebook page. Enjoy all the action.