Rene's Quick Picks October 26th

It's time for Rene's Quick Picks. I had a very good week last week as I picked up the win over Mark Rossignol of County Physical Therapy. In the complete list of picks posted to my Professional Facebook page I had 10 right and Mark had 5 correct. In the on air picks I ended with 7 of eight right and Mark had 3 correct. This week a very familiar face in the Fort Kent area is my opponent. James Harvey can be seen at many University of Maine Fort Kent and Fort Kent High School events. He is a huge New England sports fan and is looking for the Sox to sweep the world series.

We are both taking New England to stop Buffalo in the Monday night game.
James is picking the NY Giants I am taking Washington
We both think that Philadelphia will stop Jacksonville and that Kansas City will pick up the win over Denver
I am picking Pittsburgh and James is taking the Browns
I am taking the Rams at home and James thinks that Aaron Rogers will lead the Packers to the win
I am taking Seattle and James is picking Detroit
In the Sunday Night matchup we are both picking New Orleans to stop Minnesota.