Rene's Quick Picks October 7th

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It's time for the NFL Quick Picks. Each week a different person picks against me in selected games. Last week Mark Rossignol of County Physical Therapy picked up the easy victory. He ended with 6 right I had just four correct. This week My opponent is Craig Stevens of Linneus. A 1995 graduate of Hodgdon High School. He is a long time employee of Walmart in Houlton. . He threw down the challenge by visiting my professional page Rene Cloukey WAGM TV. Our complete picks will be posted to my professional page this evening and you can post your picks if you would like to also. I will pick someone who likes my professional page to pick against me again next week

We both think that New England will stop Cleveland
I am taking Miami and Craig is picking Tennessee
We both think that Pittsburgh will stop the Jets and that the Eagles will pick up the win over the Detroit Lions
I am taking Atlanta over Denver and Craig is picking the Broncos at home.
I am taking Cincinnati and Craig is picking Dallas
We both think that Green Bay will stop the Giants in the Sunday night game and that Carolina will pick up the win on Monday night over Tampa Bay.
Complete picks of every game posted to my Rene Cloukey WAGM TV professional page