Rene's Quick Picks Week 10

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PRESQUE ISLE, Me. (WAGM) - It's time for the NFL quick Picks. Last week I picked up a victory over US Cellular Most Valuable Coach Finalist Sarah Williams . You can still vote for Sarah at the

This week I am going to Virginia Beach Virginia for my opponent. Melissa Textor a Frenchville native who now lives in Virginia Beach and owns A Bite of Maine Restaurant is my opponent. I did a story with Melissa last year when I traveled with the UMFK teams to the National playoffs.

We both think that New Enlgand will stop Tennessee
I am taking Detroit and Melissa is taking Chicago
We both think that Green Bay will stop Miami and that the Rams will stop Seattle I am taking Jacksonville and Melissa is picking. Indianpolis
I am picking Buffalo and Melissa is picking the Jets. We are both picking Philadephia over Dallas and in the Monday night game I am taking the Giants and Melissa is taking the Niners.

Enjoy all the action