Richards grooms the trails

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The Caribou High School ski trails are always very well maintained and groomed. Curtis Richards has been grooming the trails for the past 16 years.

(Curtis Richards):" I love seeing kids on the trails having nice trails They can come right out from the school and get on the trails."

Richards might be the best dressed groomer operator in the State.

Richards:"I work at the hospital and sometimes they have practice tonight sometimes you have to run out and do a little grooming before practice or afterwards. I don't have time to change so I just put on my stuff and get going."

Caribou has a lot of support for cross country skiing. Members of the community have donated a building, lights and much more over the years.

Richards:"That is the idea to get the kids with no excuses. We help them rent skis if they don't have skis. We have a building for them to change in."

Doug Plourde also helps Richards out during the year. Athletic Director Dave Wakana says the school is very fortunate to have them.

(Dave Wakana):" They are out here at 3 or 4 am grooming the trails. We have really nice trails at Caribou High School thanks to Curtis Richards and Doug Plourde."

Richards and Plourde were featured back in 2015 when they were snowblowing the track and fields in the spring to help Mother Nature

Richards:" Try to get the snowblowers out and clean off the track and the fields so that kids could get a start like downstate."

Richards not only volunteers his time as the groomer operator, but also as an assistant coach for the both Varsity and Middle School ski teams. Even thought his daughter Cierra is graduating this year he has no plans of giving up the keys to Piston Bully or Snowmobile.

Richards:" All the time that we have some of the best trails in the County. That really helps me keep going."

Richards and Wakana feel the work put into the trails has led to success in the area and Internationally.

Richards:' We have an Olympian coming out of Stockholm. Would he ever have become an Olympian without volunteers and what we did in Caribou and Stockholm and other communities. Would we have had an Olympian without that. I don't know."

Wakana:" We have had some good skiers come out of Caribou High School as you can see with Russell Currier going to the Olympics this year. It has been a community effort to make this a ski school."