Riding a bike in the winter

Published: Nov. 20, 2019 at 6:16 PM EST
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There might be snow on the ground and while outdoor enthusiasts might be transitioning to Nordic or Alpine skis from bikes,but for some people it's still not time to put their bikes away.

There is snow on the ground, but Tom Chasse doesn't let the white stuff deter him from getting in a bike ride. Chasse has a fat tire bike that he rides year round.

(Tom Chasse):" We've got fat bikes with studded tires we ride. Normally trails are harder but with the fresh snow it takes a night or two for the fat bike trails to harden up."

Depending on conditions Chasse and Dave Nadeau will alternate from their Fat Tire bikes to Nordic skis.

(Dave Nadeau):" We alternate pretty much with the weather. When the trails are hard enough to bike I almost prefer to bike over skiing, but when they are not the skiing is always good."

Chasse:"Ski trails are awesome so when the ski trails are awesome we do that and when the fat bike trails are awesome we do that."

(Limestone 2018) About a year and a half ago we did a story with Nadeau using his fat tire back to ride around the golf course

Nadeau:" It's a total different experience and of course golfing with a fat bike and no studs you come out here in the winter and you want the studs. I switch those tires over at the end of the golf season."

The Nordic Heritage Center has been grooming Fat Bike Trails for several years.

Chasse:" This is our sixth season of grooming a fat bike trail at the Nordic Heritage Center and it has grown from about a three mile trail to about 7 and a half miles now. We have a pretty nice group of 15 or 20 people that fat bike regularly."

Nadeau:"It's groomed with a snowsled and a groomer packer behind it. It grooms it almost as well as the ski trail gets groomed. Once it stiffens up you can ride on top of it without sinking in because even the fat tired will sink in if it is too soft."

Chasse says he does get a funny look at times when he is loading and unloading his bike

Chasse:" They always have a little novelty because it is a fat tired bike that is very light and will go anywhere and the studded tires are like razors."

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