Road Trippers: UMFK Men's Basketball Goes on Trip of a Lifetime

FORT KENT, Me. (WAGM) - Senior Johnathon Caldwell's reaction to remembering the trip almost says it all.

"Man I couldn't," Caldwell paused then smiled, "It's indescribable."

From November 17th through the 24th the Bengals spent a week playing and traveling through Georgia and Florida where they got to take in some meaningful sights. Fellow senior Jarid Walton concurred.

"Man, it was great, we got to see a lot of cool stuff, had fun with the guys," Walton said. "It's always fun when you travel like that but you know getting on the airplanes and stuff makes you feel big time."

The Bengals went to the birth home of Martin Luther King, toured the Atlanta Falcons new stadium and did things outside of what they would normally do.

"We took the full tour of Miami, we got to ride around the town and see the whole city," Walton said. "I can say that's something I'd never do on my own time, so that was a lot of fun to experience with the team"

On the court they lost all five games against tough competition on the road trip, but according to Caldwell:

"There's no Ls, there's only lessons and the lessons definitely made us closer and the closeness is definitely something that we need," Caldwell said.

The lessons the Bengals learned on their road trip translated into a 92-69 drubbing of the University of Maine at Machias. They protected the jungle and now are back on the road this weekend to do battle with UMASS-Lowell, the College of St. Joseph, and Vermont Tech.