SAHS looking to repeat

The Southern Aroostook girls will be looking for back to back State Championships.
This group of seniors started the run as freshmen when the Warriors were the youngest team in the tournament.

(Cliff Urquhart):" Mentally and physically on the basketball court. Their basketball IQ is a lot higher than it used to be. They can see the game more clearly. There is a lot less stuff I have to teach them. They really matured they are stronger and bigger and faster."

The girls also remember their freshmen year, They were very successful back then as one of the top teams in the standings in Class D

(Kassidy Mathers):" None of us were really prepared. We gained experience and played really tough teams and together we have grown to be a much stronger team."

(Katelyn Slauenwhite):" We did have pretty good team chemistry coming into High School, but it is a totally different game. We were 13 14 year olds playing against 18 year olds. It was a lot to adjust to, but it was really good to have each other to lean on and help."

(Kylie Vining):" It is very special. We are all good friends and it will be special on the court one more time."

The Warriors are the defending State Championship and they loved hoisting the gold ball last year.

Mathers:" Probably winning the gold ball last year. That was unforgettable. It is hard to explain the feeling you have when you win the gold ball."

Vining:" I don't think there is added pressure. We won States last year and this is a chance to win it back to back."

The Warriors are taking on Greenville on Saturday at 2 pm in Bangor. Urquhart says his message before the game will be similar to most games

Urquhart:" It's cliche, but just go out and play like you did all season. We are not going to reinvent the wheel. There is not a ton of new stuff that we are going to put in place. Just go out and execute the stuff we have done all year long.