SAHS ready for Regional title game

The Southern Aroostook Softball team is back in the Northern Regional again this year. Once again it is a rematch against the defending Champion PVHS Howlers. The Warriors are glad to be back in the championship game, but they also know it will be a tough test

Betchner:" You want to be there for sure. You get to the playoffs and the biggest thing with the record is home field advantage, but now it is not home field advantage it is even ground for everybody."

The Warriors gave up just one run in two playoff games .Both teams are undefeated on the season. PVHS was considered the favorite heading into the year thanks to a dominating pitcher and timely hitting. Betchner says his team also has had a great year with great piching and a lot of offensive power

Betchner:" It is very Challenging. They have a great pitcher and they haven't lost a lot from last year."

The long time coach says the key to the game will be getting runners on base

Betcher:"It is going to be a challenge. We want to get some runners on and make things happen. That is what you hope and what you work for and hopefully makes things happen when we get on base."

The SAHS and PVHS game is set for 7pm tomorrow night at Coffin Field in Brewer. Last year the Warriors lost to PVHS 3-0.