Salute to Seniors: Caribou baseball

It's down the final school in the Salute to Seniors. Over the next five night we will be recognizing the Caribou Vikings. We begin with the Baseball team.

Three seniors made back to back playoff appearances for the Vikings and they were looking to lead the team to another successful year.

Jake Berkoski was a veteran who played on varsity every year. He roamed the outfield and would also be seen on the pitchers mound. He is attending Husson University of Business.

Cullen Caverhill was entering his fourth year on the team. Caverhill was part of the double play connection playing second base.He will attend the University of Maine for Pre Med

Hayden Hunter was the third senior who played varsity ball every year. Hunter was a mainstay at first base for the Vikings. Hunter is planning on attending Husson University for Physical Therapy and is planning on playing soccer for the Eagles.

Jake Berkoski, Cullen Caverhill, and Hayden Hunter the Aroostook League and WAGM Salute you.