Sarah Williams in the running for Most Valuable Coach Award

Earlier this week it was announced that Hodgodn softball coach Sarah Williams is one of the top 50 nominees for US Cellular Most Valuable coach program.
The nomination letter for Williams talks about her positive influence for her team and community. It states the past couple of seasons have been rough for Hodgdon as one of the athletes developed Leukemia and Williams put together a plan where every game fans would donate money for every run the team scored. Not only did it raise money for the family in need, but it also brought the team and community closer together. Williams says she is humbled by the nomination

Sarah Williams:" I just felt it was a big honor to find out I had been nominated for this award. It meant a lot to me because I found out that it was one of my softball players one of my athletes who nominated me so it meant a lot to me."

Williams has been the Hawks softball coach for seven years. The Most Valuable Coach award was established to honor current coaches who connect to the good in all of us, by inspiring through true leadership and community involvement. Voting for the Most Valuable Coach award is being done on line voting continues through October 8th

Williams:" You can vote once a day. It is not really just a vote for me, it is a vote for Hodgdon. I just happen to be the representative. We can win anywhere from 5 thousand to fifty thousand dollars if people would just consistently vote every single day."

The Final 15 coaches earning the most votes will be announced on October 11th and US Cellular will donate 5 thousand dollars to their schools. The winning coaches will be announced on November 20th with the three winning coaches receiving 10 thousand 20 thousand or the winning coach 50 thousand dollars for their school. Williams says the community is very excited and showing their support

Williams:" Everyone has been great about sharing it through Facebook or e mailing it. I know the kids at the High School are going to be voting during their advisory period every day. We are all trying to rally so we can Hodgdon some much needed funds.">

You can vote for Williams once a day at
Voting continues through October 8th and the Final 15 coaches will be announced on October 11th.