Scottish Heavyweight athletes enjoy competing

The Scottish Heavyweight games in Perth Andover wrapped up for another year. The Athletes showcasing their skills in traditional Scottish events from throwing stones, hammers cabers and weight over a bar. The Athletes might be competing against each other, but they are also looking for personal records.
(Jeff Kaste:"We compete against ourselves more than anyone else. I want to do well for me and if I beat someone or don't beat someone it is not the end of the world. We are athletes, but we are also good friends."

(Kevin Robinson):" We all know our numbers and our expectations. We are a little disappointed when our expectations aren't reached during the day, but we are also ok with it because we have our buddies on the field with us."

Many of the athletes spend several weekends on the road each year competing

(Scott McHugh):" I have gone as far was Saskatchewan to compete. I have not gone to the States yet. I am always looking to get more games. For now it is mostly the Maritimes and Ontario."

The athletes have to put in a lot of training to be able to be successful and move the large bulky heavy objects

(Kaste):" I left a bunch during the off season and during the season. Once it gets nice out because in New Hampshire just like up here there is cold and snow. Once it's nice out try to get outside two or three times a week to do some throwing. It's is year round it is a commitment."

Robinson:" You push your self all the time. Whether it is in the gym or on the field you are pushing the limits. These things don't go out in the field very easy. It takes a lot of effort"