Seeing double on the SAHS sideline

If you attend a SAHS boys soccer game you might do a double take. There is a reason for the similarity.
Austin and Alex White are twin brothers who played sports together at SAHS and now coach the Warriors soccer teams.If you look very quickly you might think they are the same person.

(Austin White):" It's like which one is which who is coaching? Alex is lucky enough he can help and I was lucky enough to get the job.

The Whites graduated from SAHS in 2015 and both recently graduated from Community College. The twins say that they are enjoying the time at practice and on the field together.

Austin White:"We do we probably have sports on the tv at home the majority of the day. We are always talking about sports. We said how cool it would be if we had the opportunity to coach soccer. We have always talked about it it was our favorite sport in High School."

(Alex White):" It is really fun. It gives us an opportunity to discuss the team together. To go over different things we can try and see what we think will work the best. From playing sports in High School to coaching we have a pretty good idea what we have to do."

Like most twins they have a special bond. They get along very well and bounce ideas off each other.

Alex:" If he has a question he will ask me and if I have an idea I will talk to him. He will think about it. We just do a good job of communicating that way just helping each other out with different ideas and what will help the boys."

This is the first head coaching job for Austin, but he knew many of the kids on the team.

Austin:" My dad coached Pee Wee basketball and coached against a lot of these kids and coached some of these kids. I had a lot of knowledge who these kids were and they knew who I was so we were able to adapt to it and have a good bond."

The Warriors have good numbers this year. They have 18 players on the team and are battling for a playoff spot. The Whites are having a lot of fun giving back to their area.

Austin:" It was good I was really excited about it and I hope it is something I can continue doing over the next few years."