Seven months of skiing

Published: May. 1, 2020 at 6:10 PM EDT
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While most people are beginning to transition to thoughts of spring sports Eric and Elaine Hendrickson of Presque Isle are still putting on their skis. The sport is one of their passions and they do it was long as they can each year.

(Eric Hendrickson):" I have been skiing for seven months started in November. We lost a little bit of snow and had some rain and some windstorms, This is May so it is month seven."

The two were at the Nordic Heritage Center this afternoon skiing in memory of a couple of friends who passed away.

Henrdickson:" The goal was to ski on May first. It was a pretty exciting thing to do and Paul Lamoreau was the one who used to come out with us. We kind of do it for him and this year Tom Chasse had been excited about being able to ski May 1st and due to circumstances that were out of his control We have to do it for him. We are doing it in memory of both of them."

While Eric has skied over 120 days this year his wife Elaine was happy to have completed over 90 after coming back from an injury

(Elaine Hendrickson):" I was trying to get 90 days. Last year I fell broke my clavicle and five ribs and had a concussion so I wasn't sure my arm would cooperate. I proved to myself that I could do it and we usually ski all year long and last year I didn't get to ski that long."

The couple doesn't specialize in any one type of skiing

Elaine Hendrickson:" We cross country club and we nordic ski and we back country ski where we hike up the tops of mountains. As a matter of fact before the shutdown we had been to Quebec and had a really good time, but just made it back into the US."

The skis are a little dirty and quite dinged up, but that is the reason you hold onto your old skis

Eric Hendrickson:" There is no problem with patching them that is what the end of the season is for. You never throw your skis out and keep your old ones for these kinds of conditions."

The snow is almost gone, but that doesn't mean the season is over for the Hendrickson's.

Hendrickson:" We will ski again, but not on cross country skis. It is getting a little icy, but the downhill and the mountain still have snow so there is still time to ski."

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