Shea is new Venue Manager

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The two world class ski centers in Aroostook County have a new Venue Manager. Mark Shea started his new job on Monday. The job is a return to his roots
(Mark Shea):" I have been involved with outdoor recreation for a long time. Starting with the Caribou Recreation Department and then the Maine Winter Sports Center and spent some time at Bigrock so this is something I am really excited to be back in to."

The Nordic Heritage Center and the Fort Kent Outdoor Center are separate entities. Both venues have a board of Directors and Shea will be a liaison with the owner of the facilities.

Shea:"My job is with Pineland Farms the owner of the venue. I will be working with the Fort Kent Outdoor Club and the Nordic Heritage Sports Club as the operators of the venues. I will be working closely with them to make sure that people understand what this resource is and the economic possibilities.
Shea says he will wear many hats as Venue Manager of the two facilities including looking to expand on the events already held at the venues

Shea:"A big part of the job is soliciting events like the NENSA Eastern Cup race in a couple of weeks. Maybe looking at hosting events that we have not hosted before like a Fat Tire Mountain Bike event later this winter. "

Shea says one of his goals is to get people to visit the venues and get active

Shea:"There are a lot of reasons and nees to get people outside and active. The two venues are a perfect place to do that."

They are able to get on skis for light workouts in Fort Kent, Presque Isle is still looking for more of the white stuff.

Shea:"We are just waiting for snow. We have a tease and some folks have been skiing already and the fit bikers are still out biking and waiting for Mother Nature to do her part."