Sherman takes over as UMFK Athletic Director

It's the first day on the job for University of Maine Fort Kent Athletic Director Garett Sherman. Sherman has spent most of career as a basketball coach and has always had his sight set on running an Athletic Department
Garett Sherman:" I spent the last 11 years coaching basketball on both the men's and women's side. Being an Athletic Director is something I have had a little taste of . I have been an Assistant Athletic Director at another College. I liked it and I thought it was always something I wanted to give a try. The opportunity came about and I took advantage of it."

Sherman was an assistant coach for North Atlantic Conference Champion University of Maine women during the 2017 season. Sherman makes the move to a USCAA power in Fort Kent.The Women's soccer team has won five straight National Championships. Last year the men's soccer volleyball and men's basketball made it to the final four. Sherman says he would like to see that success continue as they also explore other options for down the road.

Sherman:" The plan this year is to continue the success we have. We are going to explore options as to whether NAIA, NCAA Division 3 or Division 2. We really need to find an identity here at Fort Kent .This year we are going to explore the best opportunity for us moving forward."

This is get acquainted period for the new Athletic Director. He will be meeting with players and coaches over the next few days hoping to get to know them better

Sherman:" I want to spend the first period of time here getting to know my coaches and what makes them tick. What they are having success with and maybe somethings they might need some help with. It's a kind of get to know you period. I think it is important to get to know the people you work with."