Sjoberg Maine Sports Legend

The Maine Sports Legends will honor three County people with induction into the Hall of Honors on Sunday at the Spectacular Event Center in Brewer. G Caroline Morris is being honored posthumously. Pete Webb who spent almost six decades as a basketball official will be honored along with Kevin Sjoberg the long time Sports writer for the Star Herald and Aroostook Republican and now works at Channel X Radio will also be inducted.
Kevin Sjoberg:" I don't consider myself a Sports Legend I just consider myself a big time sports fan who was fortunate enough to have a career of doing sports and being involved in a lot of other areas including broadcasting and umpiring. I think it is kind of honor for my body of work and the time I put into it."

After 30 years writing for newspapers Sjoberg is now the morning dj at Channel X Radio.

He still has a passion for sports both locally and nationally.

nat sound "Some sports for you on Channel X Radio the Red Sox 9-4 winners over Minnesota."

The Caribou graduate was a familiar face at tournament games and during the regular season would pull double duty as a sports writer and would also broadcast games on public access and on the radio

Sjoberg:" I was fortunate enough when I first started in newspaper I got into broadcasting and I have been doing that a little big here and there."

Sjoberg has been a baseball umpire off and on for many years and this year his new job allowed him to work over 30 games during the season.

Sjoberg:" Baseball umpiring as been a great fit for me. I have been doing it for several years took a few years off and came back this year. I really enjoy being involved in the game. Baseball is my favorite sport so it allows me to continue to be involved in that."

Sjoberg also has been very active in youth sports both as a writer and a volunteer.

Sjoberg:" I enjoy my relationship with Athletic Directors and Coaches and being involved and following the kids all the way through is fun. I have been fortunate enough to be involved in other activities and I am chairing the Elks Hoop Shoot this year and also involved in AYBL.

The Caribou native says that Sunday will be a special day when his name is announced.

Sjoberg:" To be recognized for everything I have done in sports will be really humbling and I feel very blessed."