Skiers look back on season

The ski season has come to an end. Two local skiers are looking for some rest and relaxation after successful years. Abigail Streinz of Hersey had a successful nordic ski year and Fort Fairfield's Sarah Beaulieu spent the year in Truckee California skiing for the Sugar Bowl. Both skiers wrapped up the season at the Nordic Heritage Center in the 20 k Junior Women's Marathon.
(Abigail Streinz):" I was focused good on training this year. I worked on what I was weak at. I made sure I classic skied a lot."

(Sarah Beaulieu):" It's been a good season. It was nice to finish off the way I did at the Nationals and this was just a fun race to do."

Streinz a High School junior finished off a very good season. She won the Eastern High School Championships and traveled to Europe.

Streinz:" I went to Europe this year for the U 18 race. It wasn't a World's but mostly Scandinavian Countries."

Beaulieu loved being back in the County skiing at a venue that is very familiar to her

Beaulieu:" It brought some good memories of High School races and the passion of wanting to do more."

Beaulieu hopes to make the US Junior Biathlon team. She still has two years of eligibility

Beaulieu:" Hopefully this coming winter I will keep making progress the same way I have been and make the team."

It is a County connection at the Sugar Bowl in Truckee California. Lance McKinney and Beaulieu are coached by former Maine Winter Sports Center Will Sweetser.

Beaulieu:" It is kind of a little group of family from home. It has made the transition of going out west a lot easier."