Snowdogs begin the season

The Snowdogs are back on the court for another season. It is the start of a new era with Spencer King taking over as coach from Brian Hamel who stepped down because he relocated to the Bangor area. Today was a get to know you practice before the Snowdogs play in a round robin next week and then take on varsity teams in unified games later this month and next month.

King:" Pretty excited kind of nervous really excited to meet everybody. I have been hearing a lot the Athletes are probably more ready than I am."

King and his assistants spent the first few minutes of practice going over ground rules for the upcoming season and to go over the schedule which will be a busy one

King:" Very short practice time. Today is more an introduction. We get a little bit of practice in and then next week is the Round Robin and then we get into some scrimmages."

The Snowdogs will play in the State Special Olympic Tournament in March. Between now and then the team will be working hard to improve their skills, but also to meet the goals that King and the coaches have set.

King:" The whole goal of this thing is to have fun. We use some team work and all show respect to each other and have a great time."