Snowdogs hold first practice

The Snowdogs first practice was today in Presque Isle. The team will have a busy couple of months and coach Brian Hamel says everyone was excited to get it started.
(Brian Hamel):" It's the highlight of the year. I have been waiting for this since the season stopped in March. We are going to welcome 33 members of the Snowdogs team to the start of the season."

The team members were also very excited as they laced up the sneakers and shot around.

(Kevin Bolton):" I like to do a lot of rebounding. Coach Brian taught me a lot about rebounding and getting the ball."

While Bolton enjoys the rebounds. David Roussel likes to spot up from long range

(David Roussel):" I love it and the people are great here. The coaches are phenomenal and we have a great time."

The early part of the season is just a preparation for the State Tournament held in the Portland area in March.

Hamel:" It's not about the winning. We go to the tournament and yes the Athletes like to come home with medals, but it is more than that for us. It is about self confidence and representing yourself well and having respect for yourself and others. That is what we do every single time we come to practice and that is what we demonstrate at the tournament and it is icing on the cake if we come home with some medals."

Bolton:" We have fun at the tournament. We sometimes go see the Redclaws."

Hamel says that coaching the team is very rewarding and that he feels he gets just as much if not more out of it than the athletes

Hamel:" This is my eighth year and I tell people I get I think more out of this program than sometimes I feel like I am delivering to my athletes, It is very rewarding to see them gaining self confidence being proud of themselves and improving their basketball skills and being great community citizens. It is very heartwarming for me and I am proud to be the Snowdogs Coach."