Snowdogs prepare for the States

The Snowdogs leave Friday for the State Special Olympics Basketball Tournament. Coach Brian Hamel says the team is excited for Saturdays tournament

Brian Hamel):" They are so excited to go to the tournament. They work so hard all year long to go to the University of Southern Maine and play against their peers in Special Olympics. It is a tremendous experience for them. Two nights in a hotel Cyr Bus Line Motor coach going to movies. Playing some great basketball and I am so excited."

Prior to today's practice the Snowdogs were given a new accessory to wear proudly as they are traveling. Once again this year the Snowdogs will have three teams competing at the state event

Hamel:" 11 players on each team with coaches that go with that. There are three divisions and they have an opportunity to play a lot of basketball on Saturday. This is the opportunity to hone their skills at the final practice before we leave on Friday.