Snowshoing to keep you immune system strong

Published: Mar. 20, 2020 at 5:44 PM EDT
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The Coronavirus pandemic has many people wondering what they can do to stay active. One group of women have an alternative for you: snowshoe hiking.

(Heather SOT): "I think especially right now I think it's really important to find things to do that keep you healthy and of sound mind and fresh air where you can be with people just far away and not feel like you're going to continue the virus."


Snowshoe hiking is something this group of ladies have been doing all winter to work out and stay healthy.

(Jamie SOT): Every week we have a ladies snowshoe hike normally on Tuesday nights. We've drawn 30-50 people all through the winter. Beth that leads it is super consistent. The ladies like it. The trails out here can be kind of intimidating so if you know you can meet a group of friends we leave sharp at 5:30 from the parking lot. It's kind of a guided tour and you can come out later and know where you're going. People really enjoy the group. All levels all abilities. Everyone is out here."

This is the first year this organized snowshoe hiking night has taken place. It's a continuation of the hiking that takes place in the warmer months.

There are trails for all levels of experience.

(Jamie SOT): We kind of break off into two groupsThere's a group that's kind of a beginner group. A little more leisurely getting outside and getting fresh air. Then we also have a group with Beth that's a little more vigorous hike. Break some trail on those types of things so whichever you're looking for we have those workouts here for the ladies."

With unknowns of coronavirus looming getting fresh air is very important.

(Jamie SOT): It's just a chance to get outside while staying safe while in the guidelines if you're healthy. We definitely encourage you to get some fresh air.>