Special Olympians show off their soccer skills

Special Olympians from around the County showed off their soccer skills today at the University of Maine Presque Isle. Around 90 athletes were broken up onto seven different teams for a morning of competition

The soccer season is in full swing and on Wednesday Special Olympians were able to show off their talents. The soccer event has been going on in Aroostook for over 20 years. Over the last five years the emphasis has shifted from skills to playing in games.

(Ian Frank):" It is awesome to see the progression we have seen year after year. We now have less athletes in the individual skills and now transforming into game play which is the progression you want to see. We went from having 40 individual skill athletes five years ago to four today. It really shows the progression that athletes are making."

The Athletes loving the time on the field. Patrick McDougall of Caribou loves being the goalie and his goal it not let the other team find the back of the net

(Patrick McDougall):" I try to try my best to keep them out."

MMG Insurance employees have been volunteering for the soccer events for over 2 decades. Spencer King of MMG is the event organizer

(Spencer King):" This is a great event for us. MMG loves to give back to the community. This is one of our bigger events we offer volunteers from throughout the company for the past 22 years. I think it is something we need to do as a company."

Many of the players have been looking forward to this event since the start of soccer season. Many of the players have been practicing their skills to get ready for the event. David Blakely is a member of the
Grasshoppers who have been practicing and have already played a couple of games.

(David Blakely):" Enjoying it. It is not about winning a prize as it is about having fun."

McDougall agrees that the event is something the athletes look forward to each year

McDougall:" This is a good time I love it and everyone is having a good time out here."