Special Olympics basketball competition

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It's the middle of the basketball season and today Athletes from throughout the County were on the University of Maine Presque Isle campus for the annual Special Olympics basketball event. Once again it was a huge success.

(Carl Michaud):"We had 110 athletes playing basketball. We had a great time. The athletes are having a wonderful time."

Michaud says that the teams had athletes from several different agencies playing together.

Michaud:"12 different agencies and schools taking part. We have anywhere from 2 to 20 from a program we mix them up based on age and skill level and we play some games."

Mark Capano the Program Director for Maine Special Olympics was in attendance and enjoying the event. He says the day is about the athletes, but he loved to see so many volunteers from area High Schools.

(Mark Capano):"What is really impressive are the volunteers that are here today. We are here for the athletes and they are doing an incredible job and you can tell they are well trained. This event would not be successful without the volunteers."

The Caribou and Presque Isle boys teams, the Presque Isle girls team and the Easton Varsity Club all helped out at the event.

Capano:"Special Olympics Maine is get them young and involved young and you are going to get them for life."

Law enforcement was also on hand to present medals and ribbons to the athletes. A lot of high fives and smiles all the way around. The Snowdogs then took to the court for their annual meeting with Caribou

(Brian Hamel):" The team is really excited it is nice to be back on the court after the season off. They are excited to take on Caribou."

David Blakely is a member of the team. While he scored this bucket he said there is another shot he would rather take and make

(David Blakely):" I would like to shoot from half court if I can make it. "

Coach Hamel says that even though they have not been practicing much they have some secret plays that he will not let out of the bag

Hamel:"We do have some secret plays, but I can't reveal them on camera because we are still playing the Wildcats boys and girls and I don't want them to get any of our secrets.