Sports Extra reunion

It's another year of Sports Extra and a face from the past will be back as co host of the Friday night Highlight show. Jon Gulliver who was the first co anchor of Sports extra back in the early 90's will sit beside me again on the fast paced half hour highlight show on Friday's at 11.
Gulliver:" Unbelievably excited. Aroostook County High School basketball is special to the area. We have cold winters it is dark you have kids playing their hearts out and folks in the gym hollering. Every once in a while you get a story like last year's Caribou Vikings that came out of nowhere and won the State Championship so this is going to be fantastic. I haven't been on the Sports Extra set in about 25 years so the technology has changed a little bit, but you still have to put the orange ball through a round hoop and it is 10 feet off the ground .

This is the fifth year of a half hour sports extra prior to that beginning in 1992 it was just one segment of the 11 pm newscast, but because of the commitment of a lot of people and a great response from our viewing audience the show was expanded to half an hour and focuses on all winter sports

Gulliver:" WAGM has always done a fantastic job when it comes to all the HIgh School sports around here."
Highlights of whatever might be happening in Friday nights from wrestling to cheering to basketball, hockey skiing and throw in college sports. It all proves to be a very fast paced locally produced show with highlights from throughout the County and into Penobscot and Washington County.
We are going to rely on our viewers also if you have something that you think should be the play of the week please send it to us. It all kicks off on Friday and every Friday until February 7th.

Something that started over 25 years ago and still going strong. Gulliver was joking off camera about coming back saying that Sports Extra is going Old School, with the emphasis on old

Gulliver:" Doing it for a long time doing it very well and I am just thankful to be able to help out when you need it and I am looking forward to seeing some good basketball."