Spring Sports are nightmare for Athletic Directors

Published: May. 23, 2019 at 10:42 AM EDT
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We have talked a lot about the nightmare spring sports season. Athletic Directors and baseball and softball assignors have sharp pencils and worn out erasers as they have to keep making changes.

(Bill Casavant):" Between the middle schools and the high schools we are at 66 games cancelled this spring. I am not promising it is done."

(Dan Hodgins):" I have dealt with it in some other schools with coaching and officiating. I would say this is among the worse I have every seen."

(Mark White):" It is a nightmare and continues to be a nightmare. There's so many moving parts for a cancellation and a reschedule you hope at the end of the day that you let everybody know who is supposed to know."

. Tennis and baseball and softball all had the season extended by a day to give schools a chance to try and catch up. Casavant says that his umpires are excellent in readjusting their schedules to work make up games. The Ashland baseball team has seven games to be played by next Thursday. Hodgins says that after today they are going to be very busy. He gives the schedule off the top of his head.

Hodgins:" Thursday we are at Wisdom, Friday we have SAHS,Saturday CAHS, Sunday off. Monday we play Fort Kent in Fort Kent. We end the season at Katahdin with a double header on Tuesday and then we have CAHS to end the season on Wednesday. Seven games in seven days."

White says it isn't just the spring sports that have had issues. He looks back to the end of the fall sports season

White:" When you think back to October it snowed around Halloween and like I tell people I have been cold since October."

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