Spud Speedway renovations

Spud Speedway has been a busy place over the last few weeks. Workers have been preparing the track for the first Stock Car Race at the facility in three years. In two weeks on July 3rd some of the top drivers from around New England and New Brunswick will be converging on the track for The Aroostook Savings and Loan Firecracker 200. The Pro All Star Series race will give the top five finishers guaranteed starting spots at the Oxford 250 or the Pass Commonwealth Classic at Richmond Raceway in Richmond Virginia.
(Tom Hale):"We have not used the track for stock car racing in three years. We are going back through and bringing it back up to standard. That involves a lot of work."

Hale says they have a long list of items to complete and they are checking them off one by one

Hale:" We are replacing all the bleacher seats. 505 bleacher seats have been replaced. We are fixing up the spectator area. We are also taking old fencing and fixing the fencing and doing a whole host of small things that people might not think of."

Hale says the have received several inquiries about the race and that people seem very excited for the event.

Hale:" It is amazing how many people are asking questions about this race. There are people who are contacting us about the race and saying they are going to be here. They used to race here or they were stationed and Loring and this race becomes the event and they want to come."

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