Squeegeeing the Courts

It hasn't been a very good spring for High School athletics.
Rain and cold weather have been the order of the spring. Earlier today Van Buren tennis players were squeegeeing the courts to get them dry enough to host a double header with Shead of Eastport.
There are just eight days left in the season and Van Buren has played just three matches in a ten match schedule so playing these games today was very important and that was the reason for the manual labor to get the courts cleared. Coach Leah Levasseur says that in all her years of coaching this has been the biggest nightmare to get matches played.
< Not this bad we have dealt with many conditions, but never like trying to cram in seven games in the next seven days.>

The Maine Principals Association announced today that they are extending the tennis season for one more day because of the poor weather. That means that all regular season games now have to be completed by next Friday and the playoffs will begin the following week.