State Ski Championship Reax

Published: Feb. 25, 2020 at 8:08 PM EST
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(Carl Theriault): "It's not an easy sport but it's a sport that gives you a lot of gratitude back you get a lot of satisfaction if you do it well."

Gratitude. It's one of the great human emotions and it's what you will feel when you talk to the student skiers of Fort Kent High School, Madawaska High School and M-S-S-M…

(Matthew Cyr): "Feel really great we worked really hard this season. It means a lot to see that all of our hard work paid off."

(Dolcie Tanguay): "Pretty Happy with my performances and yea I was excited to race again at titcomb and farmington and I got second their last year so it felt like a second chance. And it all worked out."

(Mya Eno): "It's good to get a medal because you worked your hardest and you're being rewarded for it's just a little cherry on top."

That Cherry on top came in different forms for these 3 schools…

For Fort Kent...the girls won the state championship in class C after a runner-up finish last year.

On the boys side Miguel Sanclemente, who was sick the week before state's, trusted his process and put together a masterpiece. This resulted in an Individual Class C State Championship in both the freestyle and the pursuit.

(Miguel Sanclemente): "It's a lot of hard work obviously.You've gotta eat right. Sleep a lot.hydration all that stuff you have to think it's a lot of stuff to think about but it's really about trusting the process and that's what keeps you up there overall."

For Madawaska...the team won the Team State Title for the 2nd year in a row.

(Dominic Lagasse): "To see that we won again two times in a row is amazing especially since we haven't won a state championship in a while. It was just a real honor and pleasure to help win that.

And Emma Pelletier, with help from her teammates pushed herself to win the individual award in freestyle.

(Emma Pelletier): "I'd say most of my practice and what I've gained this season was because of them. I've really improved myself because of them and I owe that to them."

And Finally for M-S-S-M... Dolcie Tanguay won the individual award in the pursuit and the classical. She was serious about her training in the off-season and the results showed.

(Tanguay): "take advantage of every training opportunity that you can. Definitely feel like I skied a lot more this season than last season. Especially the marathon's. And we were able to get on the snow pretty early which was good."

The coaches of these teams have a tough task. There are days where skiing is tough but the reward is being around such great kids.

(Colin Jandreau): " This has been an enjoyable team to coach. They're super fun to be around.and they enjoy being together.which is pretty cool and so as coaches that's something we like to see.

(Theriault): "Just watching them achieve what they want to achieve that's the best thing.If they go I'm going to do this today and they do it. I'm happy that's really it."

So congratulations to Fort Kent, Madawaska, and M-S-S-M. Skiing is a tough sport. Maybe one of the toughest. These schools put in the work and saw the results. They committed to not only their teammates but their communities.

(Ryan Sibley): "It's awesome knowing we were able to pull it off and every girl crossed the finish line was pushing and no one gave up."

(Nancy Martin): "When I'm on the course I'm like wow this is hard you know but you have to think about everyone else your doing this for it's for yourself, your teammates your coaches and your communities."