State Ski Championships will be in the County

Published: Apr. 21, 2020 at 6:11 PM EDT
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It was a week ago that the four venues in the County were awarded the Nordic and Alpine State Ski meets in February of 2021. Eric Werntgen is the Fort Kent Athletic Director and sits on the MPA Ski Committee.He was excited to see the cooperative effort pay off.

Eric Werntgen:" The Aroostook County Athletic Directors and ski coaches felt for Aroostook County it would be quite a thing to have more than two venues involved when we bring the State Ski Championship here."

The Alpine event gets underway at Lonesome Pine on Monday February 15th with the slalom race. The Giant Slalom is the 16th at Bigrock in Mars Hill and then on the 17th all three classes of Nordic Skiers will be at the Fort Kent Outdoor Center for the classic race and the the Nordic event wraps up on the 18th in the Nordic Heritage Center in Presque Isle. This pays dividends in many ways.

Werntgen:" Just to take a little stress off each of the venues. Now they are just hosting one day as opposed to two. The biggest thing was get as much of Aroostook County involved in the process."

World Class venues on the nordic side are crazy and you guys always go out of your way for the alpine events at Bigrock and at Lonesome Pine. They know they are going to get great venues and great hospitality.

Werntgen:"it is going to be incredible and will be a nice little boost to our economy for the stretch of four days. You know how the volunteers are in Aroostook County and I really think this is going to be quite an event."

This area has hosted State ski events in the past and is also known for hosting World Class events. The week should be an economic benefit for the Central and Northern Parts of the County

Werntgen:" Carl Theriault gave the committee a packet that he used for World Cup events in Presque Isle and Fort Kent. All of that stuff is covered and the committee was really impressed. I know I am using the word excited again but I don't know what else to tell you it is going to be awesome."