Student Athletes react to cancellation of season

Published: Apr. 10, 2020 at 5:55 PM EDT
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It's been 24 hours since the MPA announced the cancellation of the Spring sport season. Athletes, parents and coaches are all disappointed that they won't be able to compete this spring. For the seniors it was an abrupt end to their High School careers.

(Breann Bradbury):" I never thought this would be how my senior year of softball would go. I am going to miss playing with the girls and I knew that coming off a state championship in basketball would lead us into a successful softball season."

(Parker Deprey):" Final sport season. I was pretty excited to hopefully go out with a bang again. Last sport season to play with my brother. It kind of sucks, but I understand their decision and I was kind of prepared for it."

(Brayden Bradbury):" It was really tough for sure. We had a really good year last year. We lost some really good seniors, but we brought back a good corp of our team. We were really looking to make another run at things. That was really tough the hear because no one wants to lose a chance on winning another gold ball or a Northern Maine Championship.'

(Paige Espling):"Everyone kind of saw it coming. It's something that a lot of us student athletes prepared for, but it is just different when you actually hear it."

All four have had a lot of success in High School, All four athletes had a lot of success during their high school careers. Breann was a member of the Class C State champion basketball team.

Bradbury:" We have been communicating a lot through texting and stuff. Our coach is disappointed that we can't do it. The girls are all upset about it, but we will get it through it. They have next year too."

Parker is one of the top all around athletes in the State and he was looking for another successful tennis season

Deprey:" Me and Sawyer have been talking about going out my senior year with three Northern Maine Championships in soccer, basketball and tennis, but it happens and we will take the two and be all set with it."

It was quite a senior year for Brayden his team won the State soccer championship and they were the defending baseball champions.

Brayden:" We knew all the potential we had this year."

Paige Espling finished second in the State High Jump last year.

Espling:" At least I got a good season last year. It would have been nice to do it again. I missed out on PVC's and State's my sophomore year also. It has been a roller coaster."

Every athlete in the State who was planning on playing a spring sport is affected by the cancellation of the season and a tip of the cap to everyone of them. The seniors all saw their careers end prematurely

These four like every other athlete are thankful they had a chance to represent their High Schools.

Breann:" Over the last year we have had pretty successful soccer season and basketball season. It is something I will always remember."

Espling:"Super grateful that we at least got to finish basketball season and the boys got to play in States. If it would have happened any earlier it would have been super devastating."

Brayden:" I feel we kind of took sports to a new level over the last couple of years. Hopefully it is something the younger kids can look up and strive for."

Deprey:" It's disappointing to go out like this I have had a lot of fun there and will always be a Viking."